I am a strong believer in open access. I am honored to contribute to the editorial process for two open access journals in philosophy, Ergo and Philosophers' Imprint. I am also a fan of many other open access journals in or near philosophy.

In addition to my editorial work, I regularly perform peer review. Due to the number of requests, I prioritize refereeing for open access journals and journals published by non-profit publishers. On average, I referee a bit more than one paper every month. I am also on the editorial board of British Journal of Aesthetics.

I do not review for or submit to Elsevier and Springer journals because — even compared to other for-profit publishers — they charge libraries way too much for access. The egregiousness of Elsevier has been extensively documented by the Cost of Knowledge campaign. The egregiousness of Springer has been documented in an old discussion thread on the cost of philosophy journals. For more on the problems that are created by for-profit publishers, see “In Solidarity with Library Genesis and Sci-Hub”.

Campus and Community

At University of Puget Sound, in addition to the various regular committees, I chair the Brown & Haley Lectures committee and advise Asian & Pacific Islander Student Community. At Kansas State University, I advised Philosophy Club. At University of Michigan, I started Go Grue.

I have mentored job market candidates with The Philosophers’ Cocoon, and mentored students from underrepresented backgrounds with The Summer Immersion Program in Philosophy at Brown University and COMPASS Workshop at Princeton University.